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PORT for Health – conference series

“PORT for Health” is an annual conference series focused on life sciences that brings together scientists, medical practitioners and industry professionals. Each year the conference discusses a specific scientific topic that is important within the broad landscape of modern biomedical science and has strong implications for human health with an alternating biennial schedule focusing either on neuroscience or oncology. Themes discussed at the meeting include the fundamental molecular mechanisms, development of physiological models of human disease, finding of new drug targets and opportunities for novel targeted treatments in personalised medicine.
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PORT for Health: Oncology 2022 conference

PORT FOR HEALTH is organised by the Life Sciences and Biotechnology Center (LSnBC) located at the Polish Center for Technology Development (PORT) a part of the Łukasiewicz Research Network. The vision of the dynamically growing Life Sciences and Biotechnology Center at PORT is to tackle the biggest challenges of modern medicine through top-notch, translational research accomplished by teams led by creative and experienced leaders.
The oncology branch of the Center focuses on understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of cancer, one of the most significant health and socioeconomic problems of the current world. This year’s conference will host top scientific leaders in oncology and will comprise a range of scientific sessions focusing on the biological basis of cancer, new treatment strategies as well as modalities and the latest achievements in tumor diagnostics.
The mission of the Conference is to foster the interactions and the knowledge exchange among the participants representing scientists, clinicians and industry representatives to result in new ideas and inspiration for new solutions in medical biotechnology.

Project selected for funding by the Ministry of Education and Science under the "Excellent Science" program, module "Support for scientific conferences". Grant application no.: DNK/SP/547342/2022

Towards Excellence in Biobanking

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28th of September 2022