September 2024


PORT for Health – conference series

Welcome to the PORT for Health: Oncology 2024 conference, where we converge to explore the latest breakthroughs in three pivotal oncology-related domains: cancer biology, cancer therapy, and cancer neuroscience. As an initiative of Łukasiewicz – PORT, our primary mission focuses on advancing new therapeutic avenues for oncological diseases. This conference serves as a beacon for collaboration, offering a platform for scientists, clinicians, and industry leaders to engage in dynamic discourse, exchange knowledge, and catalyze transformative projects. Amidst the backdrop of cutting-edge research, participants will have the opportunity to listen to over 20 lectures presenting the latest research findings in the intricate biological underpinnings of cancer development, explore the frontier of precision therapies, and unravel the intricate relationship between cancer and the nervous system. Through shared insights and best practices, the PORT for Health: Oncology 2024 endeavors to propel oncology research forward, ushering in a new era of innovation in the fight against cancer.

PORT for Health: Neuroscience 2023 conference at Łukasiewicz – PORT
PORT FOR HEALTH Neurosciece is organized by the Life Sciences and Biotechnology Center (LSnBC) located at the Łukasiewicz – PORT

PORT for Health: Oncology 2024 conference

PORT FOR HEALTH: Oncology 2024 is organized by the Life Sciences and Biotechnology Center (LSnBC) located at the Łukasiewicz – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development in Wroclaw, a part of the Łukasiewicz Research Network. The mission of the dynamically growing LSnBC is to tackle the biggest challenges of modern medicine through top-notch research accomplished by teams led by creative and experienced leaders. The LSnBC focuses on a variety of research topics, including translational research utilizing molecular and computational pathology to understand tumor microenvironment, DNA repair mechanisms and the evolution of genome structure in cancer, immunomodulation of cancer growth by innate-like immune cells (ILCs and γδ T lymphocytes) and neurogenic regulation of carcinogenesis and associated sensory changes, particularly pain and paresthesia. These diverse research areas collectively aim to uncover mechanisms of tumor development, identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, and develop innovative anti-cancer drugs and immunotherapies.

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