Summary 2021

Three days of inspiring meetings, fourteen hours of online broadcasting, twenty speakers and a total of nearly one hundred and fifty participants. The first international PORT for Health: Neuroscience conference organized by the Łukasiewicz Center for Life Sciences and Biotechnology – PORT has ended.

In mid-October, Łukasiewicz – PORT hosted over twenty of the most outstanding scientists and doctors in the field of human health from Europe, the United States and China. The conference was divided into three thematic blocks: affective and neurodevelopmental diseases and eating disorders. The guests discussed together basic molecular mechanisms and the development of human disease models, the search for new drugs and the possibility of innovative targeted therapies in personalized medicine.

Our Institute was represented by Michał Ślęzak, Ph.D. – leader of the Biology of Astrocytes Research Group, Witold Konopka, Ph.D. – leader of the Neuroplasticity and Metabolism Research Group, and Tomasz Prószyński, Ph.D. – leader of the Synaptogenesis Research Group.

The PORT for Health: Neuroscience conference lasted from 13th to 15th October and was held in a hybrid formula. It was the first international conference on the border of medicine organized by Łukasiewicz – PORT.

The topic of next year’s conference will be oncology. See you in a year!

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